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At the Airport


Take Your Advertising to New Heights

Doing business in today's highly competitive retail marketplace can be challenging for retailers, particularly as we see consumers moving in droves to online shopping. According to Jon Weber the managing director and head of the retail and consumer products practice at the retail consulting firm, L.E.K. Consulting, the biggest challenge facing retailers today is how to drive traffic to their stores. Weber states, “At a macro level, store-based retail sales are not growing – virtually all growth in consumer spending is being captured by e-commerce.” 

In today’s disruptive media environment, retailers need to look beyond traditional advertising channels including newspapers, magazines and television and begin to make use of new digital media platforms such as the new digital interactive screens found in airport advertising, particularly as retailers try to drive instore traffic through their doors.  It is surprisingly very affordable and is one strategy that advertisers are utilizing more frequently to help expose consumers to their brand.  Visibility is vital to business branding and success. Likewise, heightened engagement of target markets is priceless. Airport advertising delivers many benefits while providing retailers with the perfect opportunity to reach both local and international travelers, where their attention is focused and their dwell time is sustained. It can achieve maintained awareness of an advertisement and reach a diverse audience that another media may find difficult to tap into. 

9 Advantages of Airport Advertising

·       It Works 24/7

·       Provides a competitive advantage in your market area

·       Creates and maintains a high brand visibility

·       Can't be turned off, turned over, thrown out or ignored

·       Easy to plan and produce for immediate impact

·       Has a high reach and sustained dwelltime

·       Cost effective and affordable

·       Reaches local and international travelers

·       Direct consumers to your business

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