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Colette Phillips Communications, Inc (CPC) is a pioneering public relations and marketing communications boutique firm located in the Charlestown District of Boston. We serve as trusted advisors and strategic partners to our clients including members of the C-Suites, providing strategic public relations and branding counsel, community and consumer engagement, diversity internal/external communications, corporate citizenship, C-suite personal branding and on-boarding. CPC has been named one of the top 25 PR firms in Boston by the Boston Business Journal. 


At Colette Phillips Communications, we specialize in helping clients seize opportunities and realize their full potential in today’s rapidly growing diverse domestic and global marketplace. We do not look to the past for solutions to the challenges of tomorrow, for the new global marketplace demands constant awareness and relevant forecasting of emerging consumer groups. 


Who, for example, took note more than two decades ago of the exploding potential of the Hispanic marketplace?  We did. Since 1986, CPC has helped public and private sector clients reach this valuable audience through marketing, public relations, event planning and advertising that resonate with the not only the burgeoning Hispanic, but other underserved consumer markets in Boston and New England. Our clients have built lucrative, long-term relationships with this consumer segment that today nationally represent a multi-trillion dollar market.


We are the region's pioneering Boston/ New England agency that understood that multicultural and diversity marketing would play a critical role in the future of virtually every global industry. 


Unlike large communications agencies where the principals "pitch" the business then turn the work over to junior staff, because of our size we operate efficiently as there are no layers of bureaucracy and our agency works cohesively with a blend of experienced senior and mid-level communications professionals. We work in close partnership with our clients to understand their challenges and goals and then develop a strategic and tactical plan to meet and if possible exceed those goals.


At CPC, we believe that to build a strong brand and reputation in today’s dynamic, disruptive media environment and increasingly culturally diverse global marketplace requires an agency that both understands and can facilitate access to all key stakeholders. We help our clients become integral partners in the communities in which they do business by not only influencing these stakeholders but also advocating on their behalf to fully engage these stakeholders.


Our clients include the private and public sectors across a variety of industries, non- profits, foundations, celebrities, C-level executives and sometimes even world leaders. Having a strong sustainable brand should not be left to chance.

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