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Addressed More Than 1,000 Women at The 2016 Boston Women's Innovation Conference


Colette Phillips has captivated many audiences with her amazing speaking skills and her motivational presence. Colette captured national attention when she addressed more than 1,000 women at the 2016 Boston Women's Innovation Conference. She almost "broke the Internet" during the event when members of the audience sent her remarks out on the day. She is founder of Colette Phillips Communications, a nationally known multicultural public relations agency based in Boston. She is a global thought leader on issues of diversity and inclusion, spirituality, personal branding and issues impacting women and people of color. She is also the founder and CEO of the social impact venture Get Konnected!, Boston's premier multicultural business networking event. She made history in 2016 as the creator of the Get Konnected! GK100, the first comprehensive list of the Boston's 100 Most Influential People of Color.

​Rave Review 

Target Audience

  • Women 

  • People of Color      

  • Corporations 

  • Colleges/Universities   

  • Non-Profit/ Mission Focused Groups

  • Professional Business and Affinity Organizations

Signature Speeches

  • Business 101: Entrepreneurship and Women in Business 

  • The Competitive Advantage and ROI of Diversity and Inclusion in a Global Economy

  • The Power of Strategic Everyday Networking and How to Get Konnected.

  • You are Your Brand: Turbo-charge your career by cultivating a powerful personal brand   

  • Living Your Best Life! ​

"The different between bitter and better is one letter." @ColettePhillips- Boston Business Women 

"Best line of the day so far "the glass is refillable". @ColettePhillips- Stacy Cloughtrey

"Start with incredible passion, purpose and a plan" @ColettePhillips- Aliste Marketing 

"Colette Phillips she likes to build bridges and connect people."- US Eco Products

"Wonderful to see @Colette Phillips at Boston Business Women Innovation conference. Proud of our intros alumna"- Lyndsay Whitehurst 

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