Public Relations

AT CPC, we take the term “public relations” literally.  We understand that the most important service we can offer our clients is one that helps them build strong relationships with their public audience.  

Customers, constituents, employees and peers are the greatest assets of any company, and we work hard to create communications strategies that enhance their value. 

We begin with a thorough understanding of our client’s vision, position and objectives, and we work in tandem to create public relations and branding strategies that can be integrated into overall marketing and communications efforts.  Together with digital and social media outreach, corporate citizenship, special events, co-branding promotions, advertising, and consumer and community engagement, CPC consistently delivers positive public relations and brand awareness for our clients. We aim to both meet and exceed our clients expectations.

​Marketing Communications

We help companies to formulate and implement innovative marketing communications strategies to identify, target, and reach profitable markets.


​Celebrity and Image Management

CPC has extensive experience helping celebrities, political figures, and other public individuals to achieve the delicate balance of maintaining a strong and appropriate public presence while protecting their private lives.


​Special Events and Meetings

CPC plans and manages special events and coporate meetings including several critically acclaimed programs year after year. When it comes to events, we take full responsibility for managing all of the details that make an event a success.​

​Faith Based and Community Engagement


​Religious and community leaders and institutions, play a very important role in the lives of culturally diverse and underserved communities we help clients develop and deepen their relationships with religious and community leaders and key stakeholders in their community engagement and outreach efforts. ​

Diverse Talent Recruitment & Support​

While the city has undergone a seismic shift with regards to the changing demographics and improved racial relationships, today Boston is a more welcoming and inclusive city than in the past, but unfortunately old perceptions persist. Leveraging our powerful networking venture Get Konnected! we work with clients to not only attract and recruit local talent from among both Get Konnected! and Boston’s vast diverse talent pool but we also work with them to attract and retain diverse talent from outside Boston and support these new recruits to make that important decision to come to and then stay in Boston.  

Business To Business Partnership

CPC identifies and recommends the appropriate non- competitive business partnerships for our clients. Once these partnerships are identified CPC works with our clients to ensure that they are aligned with business goals and brand essence.  We will also recommend how best to leverage those partnerships.

​Crisis and Issues Management

CPC has a proven track record turning issues and crisis situations into win-win scenarios for our clients. We know how to put out a raging fire fast, before it causes irreparable damage – and how to prevent further conflagrations down the road. CPC has earned a national reputation for crisis management, especially in the retail, financial, and hospitali­ty industries.​


Boston can be a parochial city and CPC has a keen understanding of the inner workings of both the formal and informal social and business networks of the city. CPC’s CEO is often called by C-Suite executives who are new to Boston to offer strategic advice and guidance on how best to both access and effectively leverage the city’s effectively leverage those networks.  Additionally, we afford our clients unique opportunities to engage in and become strategically visible into those networks.

​Personal Branding and Coaching

How people perceive you and how well you leverage your personal capital are critical factors when it comes to managing one's personal brand.  At CPC we believe that managing your personal brand should not be left to chance.  We work with both C and mid-level executives and entrepreneurs to  help them cultivate not just a personal brand but to ensure they cultivate the “right” brand, one that is aligned with their long term professional and business goals -- whether it is to enhance their public image,  be recruited to a corporate and/or high powered community board, grow their business or advance their career. 


Diverse Solutions for a Global Market

Our clients are dynamic, progressive companies who are leaders in their respective industries. They are successful in healthcare, banking, academia, finance, technology, government and the non-profit sectors.​
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