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"The thoughtful, tactical guide we all need to better understand and practice allyship and create a strong organizational culture."

-Sam Kennedy, president and CEO of the Boston Red Sox

Learn to be a leader who is not simply "against racism," but who actively advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion as an anti-racist ally.

It's a simple fact that the people who make policy and oversee government, sports, business, and the arts and entertainment are most commonly white men. Another fact: we cannot achieve meaningful progress if we exclude the very people who have the power to make systemic change.

This easy-to-read handbook is free of any attempts to shame, blame, or guilt leaders for the choices they made in the past or privileges they were born with. Instead, readers will learn to view the work they do through a racial equity lens so they can easily and immediately begin making changes.

In The Includers, Colette Phillips explores the core qualities that inclusive leaders share: character, cultural intelligence, connections, communications, collaboration, courage, and commitment. With humor and poignance, and backed by research, Phillips shares stories of real Includers: the CEOs, politicians, and public figures ⎯all white male allies⎯she's admired, known, and, in some cases, counseled.

For leaders who are ready to do their part and get beyond today's "anti-woke" rhet- oric, this eye-opening guide demonstrates the business imperative of diversity, equity, and inclusion and offers practical, actionable insights from allies and advocates who are willing to listen, learn, and "lead from behind" to create sustainable systemic change.

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